Dartmoor Zoo

Dartmoor Zoo

Dartmoor Zoo

Discover a World of Wonder in the Heart of Devon

Experience an unforgettable family day out at Dartmoor Zoo, where visitors of all ages will be captivated by a diverse array of enchanting wildlife. Set within 33 acres of lush woodland and rolling countryside, Dartmoor Zoo is home to over 70 species of animals, both exotic and native. As you wander through this award-winning zoo, you’ll be mesmerized by the fascinating creatures you encounter and the zoo’s dedication to conservation and education.

Embark on a thrilling adventure through Dartmoor Zoo and marvel at the rich variety of wildlife that awaits you. Begin your journey with the delightful mara, a charming rodent native to South America, before visiting the electric blue gecko, the western hognose snake, and the salmon pink bird-eating tarantula. You’ll also be mesmerized by the striking nosy be panther chameleon and the golden mantella, a vibrant amphibian that calls Madagascar home.

Continue your exploration of the park and encounter the playful gelada, a unique primate species found only in the Ethiopian Highlands. Witness the parma wallabies as they hop about their enclosure and meet the blue and gold macaw, a stunning bird known for its striking colours and impressive vocal abilities. You’ll also encounter the northern Luzon cloud rats, an elusive species of rodent native to the Philippines, and the achrioptera manga, a fascinating species of stick insect.

As you venture deeper into the zoo, prepare to be captivated by the stealthy jaguar, the sleek cheetah, and the Brazilian tapir, an intriguing mammal that thrives in the lush forests of South America. The Iberian wolf and the Carpathian lynx are sure to enchant you with their piercing eyes and agile movements, while the zebra’s striking patterns will leave a lasting impression.

Dartmoor Zoo also boasts an extensive collection of birds, such as the elegant East African grey crowned crane, the helmeted guinea fowl, and the white-cheeked turaco. Be sure not to miss the great grey owl, the great horned owl, and the lilac-breasted rollers, whose stunning plumage will leave you in awe. The captivating red-handed tamarin and the white-faced saki monkey, two species of New World primates, are sure to charm you with their inquisitive nature and impressive acrobatics.

For a more hands-on experience, don’t miss the opportunity to interact with the African pygmy goats and the friendly hedgehogs in the zoo’s petting area. As you wander through the zoo, be sure to attend the informative and engaging talks given by the expert keepers, who will share their knowledge of each animal’s unique behaviours and natural history.

Dartmoor Zoo’s dedication to conservation is evident in its participation in numerous local and international projects and its commitment to breeding endangered species. By nurturing a deep understanding and appreciation of the natural world through its educational programs, Dartmoor Zoo aims to inspire the next generation of wildlife advocates and conservationists.

To make your visit as enjoyable as possible, the zoo provides a range of facilities, including an on-site café offering delicious meals and refreshing beverages and a gift shop where you can find unique souvenirs to remember your day. With ample parking, wheelchair access, and baby-changing facilities, Dartmoor Zoo is a truly family-friendly destination.

Embrace the wonders of the natural world with a visit to Dartmoor Zoo, where you’ll encounter an incredible array of captivating wildlife and learn about the importance of conservation. Gather your family and friends and embark on an inspiring adventure that will create memories to last a lifetime at Dartmoor Zoo.

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