The ultimate list of things to do in Ilfracombe

Things to do in and around Ilfracombe

  1. Tunnels and Ilfracombe Beaches: Uncover the picturesque, pebbly beaches and striking cliffside settings. Traverse the unique hand-carved tunnels and relax by the tidal Victorian bathing pool. Enjoy rock-pooling and fresh seafood dishes at Antidote.
  2. Verity: Behold the stunning 20.25-meter tall sculpture by Damien Hirst, a symbol of truth and justice. Admire the pregnant woman standing on books while wielding the Sword of Justice, all overlooking the historic harbour.
  3. South West Coast Path: Embark on an unforgettable hike along the 630-mile National Trail. Discover hidden coves, breathtaking views, and picturesque spots like Watermouth, Valley of Rocks, Lynton, and Lynmouth with their cliff railway.
  4. Watermouth: Unearth this gem near Ilfracombe by walking the South West Coast Path or driving. Visit Watermouth Castle’s landscaped gardens and relish the Watermouth Bay views. Stop by Storm In A Teacup Cafe for a refreshing cuppa.
  5. Ilfracombe Museum: Dive into the town’s past through a diverse collection of vintage appliances, fossils, and rare antiques. Perfect for history enthusiasts looking to explore the curiosities of Ilfracombe’s heritage.
  6. Ilfracombe Harbour: Stroll the North Devon coastline’s largest harbour, and indulge in ice cream or fish and chips (just watch out for swooping seagulls).
  7. Hop on a boat tour for dolphin spotting or coastal sightseeing and immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere.
  8. Chambercombe Manor: Step into the eerie 11th-century Norman manor house with a haunted reputation. Learn about its storied past and enjoy a delicious pub lunch at the nearby Smugglers Restaurant.
  9. Hillsborough Nature Reserve: Wander the coastal reserve for walking, bird watching, or savouring fish and chips with stunning views of the coast and Ilfracombe Harbour. Delight in a scrumptious lunch at the Hele Bay Pub.
  10. Chapel of St Nicholas: Visit the UK’s oldest working lighthouse dating back to 1321. Combine a trip to the chapel with a walk around the pier, Verity, and the historic harbourfront for a captivating experience.
  11. Landmark Theatre: Catch an award-winning performance featuring music, drama, comedy, dance, film, or festivals. Secure tickets in advance for a memorable evening at this iconic venue.
  12. Ilfracombe Aquarium: Marvel at the award-winning aquarium showcasing local marine life in an engaging and educational attraction. Uncover the fascinating underwater world housed in the old lifeboat house.
  13. Hele Corn Mill: Journey back in time at the unique working watermill from 1525. Engage in fun challenges and learn about the mill’s history during your visit.
  14. Boat Trip to Lundy Island: Set sail on a two-hour voyage to Lundy Island, a haven for birdwatching, diving, walking, and letterboxing. Connect with nature and witness the beauty of this remote island.
  15. Local Food and Drink: Savor Ilfracombe’s gastronomic delights, including fresh fish, Exmoor meats, and local cheeses. Sample the town’s vibrant food scene, ranging from fish and chips to Michelin-starred dining.
  16. Quirky Ilfracombe Attractions: Discover the town’s whimsical landmarks, such as Windy Corner, The Clapping Circle, and the Ilfracombe Elephant rock formation at Hillsborough Nature Reserve.

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